Prevalent restaurant design blunders

There are some prevalent blunders in restaurant designs in Dubai. These are found in many restaurants. Along with discussing the blunders, solutions are also given to overcome the blunders.

Poor carpeting

You must have noticed this that when you went to restaurant, it is elegantly designed but when you take a look the carpeting, it is poor. The carpeting in the restaurant is inexpensive as well as outdated. The floors of the restaurants have an equal significance as the walls of the restaurants. Therefore, you have to ensure that the carpeting should be elegant and stylish just like the entire restaurant is.

Bad lighting

Dim lighting or bad lighting is something very unimpressive. If the lighting is not proper, people have hard time in reading the menu. Bad lighting also makes it difficult to look at the food on people’s plate. Design a surfaced light impression by making use of light that is natural coming from the windows next to the lighting attachments. Here would be accurate brightness which would be sufficient for people to go through the menus. Also, try to go for lighting that is soft and not harsh.

Service places

The service places of a restaurant should never be exposed. Nobody wants to have a look at the dishes that are dirty or at the trash, etc. All these views take the enjoyment away and makes the people least interested in eating in such kind of a restaurant where the service places are exposed. So, you have to ensure that the customers coming to your restaurant are unable to see your service places otherwise it can have very bad impression of your restaurant and people would avoid coming to your restaurant.

Floor design

The designing of the floor plays a significant role and people often make mistakes in it. The floor designs that are messed up with chairs and tables very near to each create a lot of problems. It is problematic for the people and waiters to pass. Simultaneously, you wouldn’t to place the chairs and tables very far away from each other that the customers would feel disconnected from the restaurant. Rather, you can make use of both counters and tables as it would make the space open. This way people as well as the waiters would be able to walk easily in the entire restaurant without hitting anything.

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