Types of Coffee and Their Explanations

There are different types of coffee but did you know that there are different histories of each of the type! We did a lot of research and came to know that each type of coffee had a long an interesting story to it. And one of types is the café Americano, this is the type of coffee that is made by adding one or two espresso shot with hot water and coffee. This coffee has a very interesting history and according to the sources, this coffee was drunken very fondly by the American soldiers of World War II, they did this to make their coffee extra strong, to give them extra energy and to make their coffee last long as well. This coffee was then adopted by different American baristas after the war when one soldier after retiring made a coffee shop and sold this coffee.

Café Latte might be the best type and the most famous type of coffee that is consumed worldwide. Its original name is Café Au Lait, it is made up with steamed or scalded milk with one or two shots of coffee. This type of coffee is very frothy which means this coffee has milky and coffee foam on the top and this coffee can be made at home as well. Another famous type of coffee is the Cappuccino. This is also called the three layered coffee and some people also call it coffee cake because of its layer. The top layer is made up of one or two shots of espresso, one or two shots of steamed or scalded milk and finally the coffee. There are some people who prefer barista layer of frothed and foamy milk. This type of coffee is mostly consumed with breakfast. You can hire coffee beans supplier in Dubai and get different vending machines in Dubai. Now, coming to the coffee that makes other coffee taste better; the espresso. This is very simple to make and this coffee is most famous in United States. All you have to do is boil the water and boil it to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and add coffee in it. People think that it is really easy to make but the fact is that adding the right amount of coffee at a specific boiling point needs mastering skill. Because espressos are the purest form of coffee and you will learn it after a long time.

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